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Trump's Remarks, A dump or triumph

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...   Morality - Bayero University Kano,  Last month, Wed 17 at 11:49 am


By Munir Ishaq Morality.

Oookokobioko!!!! Man wey no sabi shout, no suppose apply for town crier!!. Trump has done it again, meanwhile, make yourself comfortable as you peruse through the issues involved.

Barely last week, in a meeting with US lawmakers bordering on immigration issues, President Donald trump reportedly described Haiti, El Salvador and other African countries as "shithole" countries. Without mincing words, the united state president asserted that while he prefer immigrants from Norway and Asia, he wonder why would they allow people from "shithole" countries come to the US. This is not the first time Trump would engage in derogatory remarks against Africa and Africans.

In a june 2017 cabinet meeting, Trump also slammed Nigerians saying 'they don't go back to thier huts once they enter America'. The question begging itself now, is, Ogbeni, do you actually live in a hut? Is your country actually a shithole country?? 

Beat the drum, and you attract it's dancers, I woke up in the morning of January 13 to a headline in premium times "PDP, APC  CLASH OVER TRUMP'S SHITHOLE REMARK ON AFRICA" for goodness sake,what more could be a definition of a shithole country, if not a composition of political actors who are only after scoring cheap political points against one another. What is clash attracting in an insult meted out to all and sundry. Instead of issuing out a collective condemnation, and subsequent concentration on key issues pivotal to the success of the country. Rather they engage in attacking and witch hunting one another, that is how they will waste up the tenure, and the country would cease not to be a first class shithole country full of huts everywhere.

Truth be told, even amongst us Africans, there is this superiority display among ourselves, take for example, Jacob Zuma's derogatory statement on Malawi, when people refused to pay for using a particular highway in Johannesburg, he said "we are in Johannesburg, this is Johannesburg, and not some national road in Malawi" Zuma was impliedly saying South Africa is not a shithole country like Malawi.

Our problem is deeply rooted in Nigeria, is it our leaders who scarcely travel by land, or the petty projects always abandoned and left half done, is it the utopian promises of heaven on earth right during campaign, or the witch hunting and blame allocating principles while serving, is it the praise singing sycophantic followers, or the rigid political apathists who would always fold their arms and say "politics is a dirty game', is it the flagrant violation of traffic, or the daylight gross misuse and dump of refuse. Back to back, the leadership and followership is faulty. It is as Eeedris Abdulkareem puts it, " Nigeria dey Jaga jaga, everything dey scatter scatter, poor man dey suffer suffer".

Yeah, one writer called it a federal republic of confusion, in Nigeria, if 2+2   gives you 4 today, try it tomorrow, it will give you 7, loyalty is no more than just a concept, politically, and attitude wise, immorality is at its peak. Call a spade a spade, you will be crucified, keep quiet and you will be victimized. Either way,  it won't go well. 

All been said, Donald Dump, sorry, Donald trump's derogatory remarks on African countries is unacceptable and condemnable,  using terms like "developing countries"  is far more befitting and dignifying, rather than engaging in insulting terms as such.

He better leave Africans alone with their mentality, because the wonders our village people do perform, far outshines that of American scientists.

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