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...   OYESOMI - OLABISI ONABANJO UNIVERSITY,  6:40 am On 11 Nov 2017



“I implore Nigerians, do not die in their war.Resist all invitations to violence....The PDP is the APC,and the APC is the PDP....They are one and the same.Do not die in their war"
- Dele Farotimi Esq. (2015)

Let me be hasten to tender my unreserved apology to my readers over my abrupt recess from expostulations of national importance. I have since delved into the unusual genre of poetry as an instrument of crusading against the bugs that have sucked us dry as a nation.

I have developed type-A aggravating brain-ache over our collective troubles-the Baru versus Kachikwu, the Mainagate, the lunatic display of a spend-thrift south-east governor on frivolities, the Kaduna-pot labelling his kettle-teachers black, the harlotry traits in our political-jobbers inter alia

Among these collective craze of ours, one that needs an urgent x-ray is the usual quest of our political prostitutes for survival.

It is however trite in our law that every person shall be entitled to associate freely by belonging to any political party, trade union e.t.c See section 40 of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria(as amended).

This above provisions of the grundnorm has increased the desperacy-tempos of our political-clowns to seize power.

An erudite writer and lawyer, Dele Farotimi had foresaw this current imbroglio since the season of the change-mantra. Did he not warn us?

In the theatrics of Nigerian polity which is characterized by rowdy political animals, wherever you go- on the streets, open air babecues, babers’ shops, viewing centers etc.- you cannot but encounter these sets of racous roving parliament that is perpetually in session. All hotly deliberating on this inhumane system of ours.

Perhaps these cankerworms might have seen some logical ends if our leaders have not substituted their mandates for sheer frivolities and political survival.

Dr Obby Ezekwesili, while speaking at the first national summit of APC in 2014, immediately after its merger asked this poser question: How will you tackle the greatest obstacles that have made development elude our nation?

That question, I would assume, is still haunting the APC leadership till today. But back in 2014, the mantra was “change!”

In this clime, politicians only plan assiduously on how to win election without thinking of how to make a difference if given the mandate.

What an odyssey in the era of vagabond!

The unending quest for survival birthed the solidarity of some prostitutes to cunningly “game” the downtrodden Nigerians in 2015. The greatest scam ever since independence!

Their hypocritical merger has now boomeranged as there are gross defections from their unscrupulous gathering. It was extremely laughable when P.M.B was packaged as a saint. Even my readers believe now-without any iota of doubt that Buhari is another “Nigerian-politician”. Not a Messiah as we were feign to believe!

The present administration was greeted with frenzy hysterical countenance due to the surrounding socio-economic circumstance which signifies that the country is dangerously tethering on the abyss of economic and aggravating political stagnation. Characterized by an unprecedented rate of inflation, unemployment and mind-boggling poverty; young people and the mass of the downtrodden have become illegitimate victims of the hysterical social disorder.

Amidst this brouhaha, Turaki of Adamawa has resigned from his then glorious assembly (APC), perhaps to go back to his vomit (PDP). The first vice president of Nigeria after the triumphant end of military rule is also feigning as the messiah. What an episodic movie!

In the light of the above, Nigerians are strongly admonished to desist from any calamitous contract in the forthcoming elections, hence a dungeon of no return awaits the gamblers.

'Yinka Oyesomi is an undergraduate of law of Olabisi Onabanjo University. He can be reached via adeyinkaoyesomi@gmail.com or +2348143490113

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