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Atiku Abubakar: A political prostitute

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...   Gobir - usman danfodiyo university sokoto,  1:29 pm On 11 Nov 2017

*ATIKU ABUBAKAR:* A political prostitute?
( A maiden article written by Lawal O. Jamiu. 26th Nov, 2017).

In an era of political enormity, rascality and uncertainty; a thing remains certain, the struggle for ‘political power' (ability to influence or outright and control the behavior of people). For this to happen, a group of dedicated individuals must come together with the sole aim of winning elections, operating the government and determining public policies, these they do by forming political parties.

The upcoming presidential election may just be 445 days away, but the jostle for the top-gun Aso Villa seat has already begun. This is not surprising in a democratic and political driven societies like ours.

In the history of Nigeria politics, the famous and stupendously rich Atiku Abubakar(GCON) is assumed to be the most powerful Vice President Nigeria ever had; due to either of his big spending policy or the famous fallout with his former principal and former President, Olusegun Obasanjo (GCFR). In other ways he might be labelled, Atiku is definitely without any denial a wealthy businessman, philanthropist and a well known politician among the elite.

The former Vice President in a statement he personally signed on Friday 24th November, 2017 recalled how he joined the ‘change ship' of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in 2013 saying:
“On the 19th of December, 2013 , I received members of the All Progressives Congress at my house in Abuja . They had come to appeal to me to join their party after my party , the Peoples Democratic Party, had become factionalized as a result of the special convention of August 31 , 2013 .
“ The fractionalization of the Peoples Democratic Party on August 31 , 2013 had left me in a situation where I was, with several other loyal party members , in limbo, not knowing which of the parallel executives of the party was the legitimate leadership”. This quoted statement of his take me aback and can’t help but ask myself; wasn’t he (Atiku Abubakar) that led the aggrieved then PDP governors and other top members of the party into fractionalization? Although am still searching for an answer.

The former PDP, ACN, and recently APC presidential aspirant then proceed and accounts on why he has jump out the 'change-ship' of the APC; the party he once describe as his “last bus-stop”, he said: “While other parties have purged themselves of the arbitrariness and unconstitutionality that led to fractionalization , the All Progressives Congress has adopted those same practices and even gone beyond them to institute a regime of a draconian clampdown on all forms of democracy within the party and the government it produced”. He then concluded that “After due consultation with my God , my family, my supporters and the Nigerian people whom I meet in all walks of life Atiku Abubakar, Waziri Adamawa has resigned from the APC”.

If I may ask: is Atiku Abubakar really a political prostitute sailing from one party to another to achieve his political ambitions like an amphibian jumping from water-to-water in search of conducive habitation? It depends on who you ask. If you asked the Mama Taraba; an Atiku machinery, She’ll say Atiku is an unfairly treated sideline treasury for the society but if you may ask the small but mighty crocodile of Kada-City (Kaduna); El-rufai, he’ll say the big-spending politian is just a “serial contestant” that always look for a platform to unleash his political ambitions.
Either whom you might share his/her opinion, one thing remains certain, we’ll wait as the drama unfolds.

*Lawal O. Jamiu*

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