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Nigeria @57: Blessings or Bunkum

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...   Morality - Bayero University Kano,  8:04 am On 10 Oct 2017

Nigeria @57: Blessings or Bunkum

By Munir Ishaq (Morality)

"Today is independence day, the first of October 1960 is a date to which for two years every Nigerian has been eagerly looking forward. At last our great day has arrived and Nigeria is now indeed an independent sovereign nation". Such was the scintillating words, laconically put by the political adroit, Sir Alhaji Abubakar tafawa Balewa on the day Nigeria gained her independence, thus partially freeing itself from the harrowing grip of colonialism.

Crisscrossing through the plethora of events which later followed, starting from the malaise perpetuated by the young revolutionists in 1966, plunging the country in a political abyss, ethnic debacle and social fiasco, is no doubt the starting point of the duplicitous rapport and lurid enormity amongst the 3 major tribes and Nigeria as a whole. Yes !!! The killings were not only gruesome, but grossly stultified as admitted by the capo of the coup himself.

The adage " if you do not want to get wet, never go close to the river" may have been of help to the 1st military leader who took over the reins of power, an Igbo leader emerging after an Igbo suspected coup, huh, you could imagine the inanity of an otherwise reasoning.

Been a brave and astute soldier, whose primary aim was to restore peace and nothing but peace to assuage the kerfuffle at hand, the intention was good, the methodology was wrong, the ill fated unification decree 34 beat the drums of peace, unfortunately the dancing party were after life for life and blood for blood. Gbam!!!! Came the struck. The military leader as at then can better be described as a victim of circumstance, for the tension was high and the inevitable struck nigh.

The trajectory of events culminated into a bigger one, the mutineers installed it's leadership, division of the country into 12 States was suggested, the east resisted under the able leadership of the Eze Ndigbo himself, the civil war was fought, no victor no vanquished, some called it peacekeeping, others call it genocide, which ever it is, the deed has been done!.

Hoopla for a return to civilian rule became the mantra, the bloodless coup came, the young and vibrant head of state installed, known for his focus and simplicity void of the usual braggadocio display of siren and escorts, the later, surely did caused his demise, a bloody coup which cost his life!!!. And finally oyooyo to the second republic.

The first civilian president with full presidential powers, few years in power, the government became synonymous with corruption, alluring the Messiah himself into power, no doubt he maintained discipline but the stiffness and rigidity of his government short-lived it and the maradonna took over powers by staging the so called needful coup, the letter bomb incident, the annulment of June 12 election all raised a public distrust and lack of confidence in the government, an interim government came on board, only to be kicked off shortly after by the tough handed incipient youngster, notoriously known for his no nonsense character, well remembered for the celebrated loot, the hanging of ken saro wiwa and 9 others says a lot about the administration or rather maladministration. Was he poisoned or died naturally???. It still remains a mystery.

The cool headed succeeding military junta started off with the daunting task of returning the country to civil rule, the Constitution was drafted or rather imposed, elections were conducted, civilian president in power, the rule of law was installed but the rule of kleptomaniacs prevailed. 8 years in power, the monster was still hunting, corruption at its peak.

Another government on board, it's 7 agendas brought forth hope and expectations, as nature would have it, the president passed away, the vice president took over, re elected amidst chaos in some parts of the country alleging rigging, no doubt the government has many loopholes, but the economy struggled to maintain its feet. Security was the problem, boko haram was on rampage, a state in a state. The change slogan was everywhere, and of course the Messiah returned to power.

Quick pro quo, scratch my back and I scratch yours, he fought corruption head on and corruption fought back with full force, the resultant effect was inflation, pipeline vandalism, massive kidnapping, what do you expect, a hungry man is an angry man!!!.

Zoo!! Zoo!! They keep wailing and shouting. Yet the sight of a dancing Python in a zoo seems perplexing to them. A dancing Python in a zoo is only a reflection of the accusation, no more no less. They cry for marginalisation, if restructuring could improve, yeah! yeah! we approve.

The journey so far has not been easy, it is a BLESSING indeed that Nigeria @57 is still united today, the geriatric leadership so far may not be delivering, the sticklers for youth leadership should be prepared for the arduous task ahead for the realisation of the Nigerian Emmanuel Macron come 2019.

I end this with a quote on Nigeria from the literary pundit, Chinua Achebe "The basic problem crippling the progress of the nation is failure of leadership" and I would add followership, because the change begins with you. United we stand, divided we fall, we have more to gain in peace than in pieces.

God bless Nigeria !!!!!
Happy Independence day.

...   Muhammad - Bayero University Kano ,  9:00 am On 10 Oct 2017

Well said morality. Simplicity is when you believe that change begins with you.....
The pioneer of the 1966 coup, major chukwuma kaduna Nzegwu. Said there is corruption in the government that why we need to take over the mantle of leadership from the civilian. They started it by a title called exercise DAMISA........ The military are to be blamed for the the problems of Nigeria because in any responsible society, the military are trained to protect the country against external aggression. They virtually lack the visuality of ruling. The constant take over of power from this military Messiah who proclaimed to salvaged the country is the reason for this mess we are and besides, the world richest leaders are military rulers who syphons the wealth of it country... There comes the civil war....... WITH THE TITLE WIN WIN, LOSE LOSE....... By gone are by gones... We lost people, properties, and it really means a set_back to naija 😥😥😥.. We pray it won't repeat itself again......... Simplicity nashaga

...   Morality - Bayero University Kano,  9:04 am On 10 Oct 2017

nice one Nashaga (simplicity)

...   Saleeym - Bayero university Kano,  9:16 am On 10 Oct 2017

More ink to your pain Morality. I am flattered by your reasoning and historical narration. God bless Nigeria!

...   Tessy - Bayero University Kano ,  9:26 am On 10 Oct 2017

A fantastic article, reminds of our greatest past leaders.

...   seemahhassan - buk,  9:27 am On 10 Oct 2017

more grease to ur elbow sir. @ morality. you said it all may the concerned authorities think like you

...   Ibraheem228 - Bayero University kano,  9:42 am On 10 Oct 2017

you have added so much value to this great forum and I pray Allah increase you in knowledge and wisdom...happy 57th year of independence

...   Maryam - Bayero university kano,  9:46 am On 10 Oct 2017

Nice article #one Nigeria

...   Habibu Gente - Bayero University Kano ,  9:57 am On 10 Oct 2017

Well said @morality. you aptly put it correctly. .... One day you will be good political analyst

...   Liberty - Bayero University Kano ,  10:20 am On 10 Oct 2017

Munir Ishaq.... what a wonderful writeup. Please keep it up

...   usman maiwake - Bayero University, Kano,  10:26 am On 10 Oct 2017

Nice one Munir, keep it up

...   Hasira Wali - Bayero University Kano,  11:00 am On 10 Oct 2017

Nice post Munir.. Nigeria we Hail thee!

...   Juwairiyyah - Bayero university kano,  11:29 am On 10 Oct 2017

What a historical reminders #long live Nigeria

...   deejah - Bayero uni,  12:23 pm On 10 Oct 2017

Wat a wonderful writeup@munir may God bless Nigerians and bring many more years ahead.indeed morality is wat is needed in d society at large

...   MUhseen aminu - Bayero university kano,  12:33 pm On 10 Oct 2017

Well said munir... Long live Naija

...   Mumaaris - BUK,  12:34 pm On 10 Oct 2017

High credit to you morality.... Thumb up from Mumaaris

...   hasni(pretty) - bayero University kano,  12:42 pm On 10 Oct 2017

that was a wonderful write up. keep it up morality.

...   Abdullahi Ayagi - buk,  1:38 pm On 10 Oct 2017

Nice writeup,mysterious thinking keep it up

...   Musafatima - Buk,  3:27 pm On 10 Oct 2017

Very nice of you @morality May God bless our country more grace to ur elbow

...   Sabeer Ishaq - Bayero university ,  4:48 pm On 10 Oct 2017

well said Munir. more ink to your pen

...   Abdulbaki - Bayero University Kano ,  5:27 pm On 10 Oct 2017

Well articulated
More ink to your pen the Legal brother himself

#United_we_stand 💪 💪 💪

...   Fattychatta - Bayero university kano,  5:52 pm On 10 Oct 2017

Well said...u justified the write up with your words (morality is what is required in this country) more grease to elbow...long live nigeria

...   Halima_nura - Bayero University kano ,  5:57 pm On 10 Oct 2017

Well written brother! God bless Nigeria.

...   oduoyebros - Bayero University Kano,  6:48 pm On 10 Oct 2017

nice one,@ morality

...   Yakub - Bayero University, Kano,  7:15 pm On 10 Oct 2017

Wow!!! A great piece. it's just wording.... More grease to your elbows. Morality, keep it up!!

...   atiku_m_jafar - Ahmadu Bello University ,  7:17 pm On 10 Oct 2017

Munir, the depth and therapy in your writeup is incredible!... I find it intellectually stimulating and lucidly enthralling, keep it up.. We're proud of you brother.

...   xaynerb A - bayero university,  7:23 pm On 10 Oct 2017

Wow!!! nice write up morality........More grease to ur elbow sir.

...   Nazifyahaya5@gmail.com - Bayero University Kano ,  7:26 pm On 10 Oct 2017

What a fabulous article keep it up bro.Long live nigeria

...   generalzango - Bayero University ,  7:54 pm On 10 Oct 2017

Having read your submission, hook line and sinker. I'm compelled to adopt your words verbatim. More grease to your elbow!!!

...   amier - bayero university kano,  9:58 pm On 10 Oct 2017

no doubt you have written well tracing the long history which seems just like yesterday. good job, may you have the ink to write more. I recommend you use more subtle words when writing next time.

...   Hasykal - Bayero University, Kano,  10:13 pm On 10 Oct 2017

What a nice write up, I believe you've said it all.. More grease to your elbow #Well said @Morality

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...   Tahirah - Kust wudil,  10:44 pm On 10 Oct 2017

Wooow,,thats a nice write up,,keep it up dear,am proud of u

...   DavidAghe - ,  11:14 pm On 10 Oct 2017

Nice write up bro.

...   DavidAghe - ,  11:15 pm On 10 Oct 2017

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...   anonymous - ,  5:58 am On 10 Oct 2017

Highly inspirational Sir and I concur with it.

...   Auwal - Bayero University, Kano,  6:27 am On 10 Oct 2017

What a very good write up that added alot to our knowledge!

...   anonymous - ,  7:03 am On 10 Oct 2017

nice piece put togetherness. more grease to your elbow bro... kpatako

...   anonymous - ,  7:06 am On 10 Oct 2017

that is wonderful. God bless Nigeria and all Nigerian

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...   anonymous - ,  8:33 am On 10 Oct 2017

An exellenct Article more ink in your pen nd more experience

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