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...   Agoziem - University of Ibadan,  8:26 pm On 9 Sep 2017

“In the land of animals and a time of chaos, the destiny of the zoo rests on the frail shoulders of an old man, his name, I’ll rather not mention”

October 1st 2017- the day the coalition of Arewa youths either arise and chant one of the most dragged out songs I’ve heard so far (well, all except the radical biafrans who should have their own anthem, I suppose) or chase their fellow compatriots, “the ingrate igbos” as they leisurely slur, with torches and pitchforks away from the north.

Fifty-seven years and we are still entertaining our former zookeepers, allowing them the thrill of gambling on the outcome of the pass-the-power game we so savour playing on their padded leather in parliament. They left us in control, did they not?

Fifty-seven years a sect has hoarded this power allowing others a drop of its intoxicating sweetness once every decade. “The sun must stand still in the north”, they clamour. And for the record, it has, or it was going to, till a certain good cow died on duty, leaving a void the rat had to fill.

Six years later, a voice in the arid lands bellowed, “kwaruption! Kwaruption”, and we listened, we fell. We all fell yearning for CHANGE. A CHANGE that should not have come. But it did- when “the recovered” was being used for “the recovery”, when the lion goes to wallow in the zookeepers’ guesthouse, it came, worse than ever.

October 1st, we invoked revolutionary confusion, from Sango and from Amadioha to whom on their faces, we spat our freedom requests. Then, the first world packed up, like deer from a burning forest-never looking back. Probably the best juju we ever did, and our chief priests, we called nationalists… But, fifty-seven years later, with our past in mind, we brand the mutineer biafrans, terrorists.

“…The labour of our heroes past
Shall never be in vain…”

“In my opinion, most of these African countries ought to be recolonized again for another 100 years because they know nothing about leadership and self-governance.” We could have it the way we wish (1Naira=1dollar). We need just call the brits to pick up from where they left off but we know better (at least I hope we do). We know better than to care about what a senile ginger president said.

We will get there, wherever there is, wherever the world powers are.

For what It’s worth, happy independence in advance.
Agoziem Onuigbo.

...   Agoziem - University of Ibadan,  9:34 pm On 9 Sep 2017

please comment below

...   DavidAghe - ,  10:03 pm On 9 Sep 2017

Wow, so in love with the style. Beautiful piece and brilliantly delivered. Was captivated to the very last word. Thank you.

...   Morality - Bayero University Kano,  7:48 am On 10 Oct 2017

well written, albeit subjective

...   Martins - Esut,  8:29 am On 10 Oct 2017

Nice write up. I nearly did not blink right down to the last word. Well done young man.
Freedom is mans greatest gift...the choices we make shape the unknown...No one deserves to be a slave in the land of his birth...we have a long way to go and the majority are not making the journey any easier.

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