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...   Grand Master - ,  2:08 am On 9 Sep 2017

Darkness descended upon me in my youthful days
A lovely encounter, every woman prays
To a precious lover, she lays
Not to the hideous monster who steals away

The road I pass on several days
He laid siege for me on lonely lanes
Suddenly, he grabbed me with veins
Alas, he sprayed me on cold laze
I screamed from unbearable pains
He tore my clothes in many ways
Clogged me to the ground with heavy chains
Covered my mouth with all his veins
I shattered like a broken case
As he penetrated with monstrous veins

I took to a judge his case
They all questioned my virtuous ways
The world tormented me with hurtful gaze
Christened again with many names
Loose woman!
Of him, no one spoke again.

...   TalentMikun - Olabisi Onabanjo University,  1:17 pm On 9 Sep 2017

Nice post

...   Grand Master - ,  4:15 am On 10 Oct 2017

Thanks for reading.

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