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...   Gobir - usman danfodiyo university sokoto,  2:39 pm On 11 Nov 2017

UNIVERSITY OF LIFE(Gobir habeeb bolaji)
Life is a place where all mankind strive to achieve success..behind every success is failure..Life is a university on it own in which all mankind gain free admission to study the same courses which is success...all human being have the desire to be successful in life..Now,life being a university itself prepared the same question for all student (mankind) to solve in other to pass the great course which is success..To pass this exam comes with grate disaster....
We all attend university of life but not all of us pass the grate course (success )..Failure of this course is nothing but rather,it shows us our weakness and gave us the courage to rewrite the course..many student in university of life drop out of the school due to failure but that not the way.failure didn't stop u from being successful, it only pave way to learn from university of life..
University of Life is full off series of challenges but only the strong and the wise succeed ..learn from ur failure and work on how to improve on ur weaken area..
Learn from university of life


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