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Independence day

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...   Ajewole - Olabisi Onabanjo University ,  6:37 am On 10 Oct 2017

On this day
We gained freedom
Bade colonization goodbye
For the country we could become.

We waved flags
Telling ourselves-
"The new era has come
An end to the colonization nags."

But our nags didn't end
Since we sold our independence
To the agbada rulers
And our nation tried to blend.

At 57
We can't vouch for great deeds
But corruption, confusion and greed
Acting like we're still at 7.

I guess it was better then
"When our country was Eden"
Our ancestors claimed so
But we have sinned, sent out with a blow.

We have reached the verge
Scriptures should be quoted
"For if the foundation be destroyed
What can the righteous do."

But it's independence
Celebrating our gained freedom
Hoping for a better country
And our nation's color glow with brilliance.

Teniola Ajewole

...   Morality - Bayero University Kano,  7:49 am On 10 Oct 2017

nice one

...   Martinas - UI,  9:15 pm On 10 Oct 2017

Mind-blowing bro... Hope you'll finally agree that you're a god with the ink

...   Martinas - UI,  9:15 pm On 10 Oct 2017

Nice one bro

...   anonymous - ,  9:15 am On 10 Oct 2017

Nice work bro

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