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Considering The Legal Profession? You should read this.

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...   Grand Master - ,  2:01 am On 9 Sep 2017

As a law student you are intrigued by your new names 'baby lawyer, the law', you stroll with your shoulders rubbing the sky in your intimidating White and Black on campus, with giant strides that makes every other faculties envious. You hear criticism from envious students of other faculties, they are quick to call you names,
'proud eagle, school choir'.

The aura of the legal profession is so intense that non-law student dream to be one, no wonder the numerous
application to faculties of law each year; but slow down before you are mesmerized by the glory of this prestigious profession. You need to know this:

1. Prestige don't pay bills:

No professionguarantees financial stability, and the legal profession is no exception. In fact, the chances are less favourable. That is, your chances that you will become mega rich instantly upon graduation from law school is very unlikely. Most lawyers maintain a stable middle class income, but the few that are entrepreneural amongst
them show better financial prospects than their counterparts in other fields. In few words, the legal studies won't necessarily make you rich, your life chances and entrepreneurial skill will.

2. A Good grade doesn't guarantee a Good Career:

The legal profession emphasizes skill over grade. Your clients most likely won't ask you what grade you graduated with, in fact, they don't care. They are more concerned with how effectively you handle their matter. Grades are good indications of capability and necessary to secure a good job in a reputable law firm but in
the end, only your skills count.

3. It's not all about the court room:

Most people opt for legal profession because they think they can express themselves properly. Good oratory
skill is an admirable skill for lawyers, but in the legal profession most of the drama takes place out of court. Sometimes writing skill is prided over speaking skill, most lawyers spend a large bulk of time preparing briefs, documents and agreements than they spend in front of a judge or magistrate. If you think is all about the
talking, then you are probably mistaken.

4. You still have to do the math:

The legal profession is not a safe heaven for those who have phobia for mathematics. An average lawyer in practice does more mathematics than doctors and an average structural engineer, even tho the foremost is considered art, the latter, science. A Lawyer must do a lot of calculations to know exactly how much their client is entitled to. He must balance accounts, calculate interest rates, subtract depreciation, interpret economic statistics, interpret books of account, do business planning, calculate liquidity rate, evaluate shares and more. Although he may employ professionals to help with this, but he must understand what they are doing.

In the end, one thing is sure, you will have no regrets opting for law. Being a lawyer still remains one of the best things that can happen to you. People will treat you with more respect, and you will see the world from the mirror of the law, fully aware of your legal rights. You will walk down the street with great pride fully armed with
your knowledge of the law. For me, Legal Studies is a must for every living soul.

By: Aghe David

...   AIM - oou,  4:04 am On 9 Sep 2017

Absolutely on point

...   Grand Master - ,  4:13 am On 10 Oct 2017


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